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Process ﳰan>

Pressure Boiling to prepare Rab which is cooled to make sugar crystal of different grades in crystallizer.


Milling ﳰan>

Complete Milling system like a modern sugar factory unit with the same efficiencies but small in size as per crush rate desired ranging from 300 TCD to 1500 TCD crush rate.

Mini Sugar Plants 쯦ont> (Capacity ᰰ TCD to 1500 TCD)

There is high profile change in old mini sugar plants in efficiency (recovery), quality of product and cost of production. We have upgraded many old mini sugar plants into profit making units with innovative endeavor and continuous in house R & D. We have successfully installed numerous Mini Sugar Projects on Turnkey basis. We have to our credit successful installation of several new factories other than Mini Sugar Mills. 

MILLING 羚nt>                    

Small milling Tandem size from 10蠱4  to  24蠲4 have been manufactured and installed to crush 300 T of cane per day to 1500 T cane per day. For the first time these small milling tandem were equipped with pressure feeding devices like GRPF or / and TRPF to enhance the grinding rate with same size of mills.

The works at Lucknow is quite competent to fabricate all components with best quality assurance.

Mills ⴔ x 24㩺e

Our mills with minimum power can give the best possible extraction.


Selection and design of process equipment௮ merit basis with the best use of utility and manpower. The most suitable reactor, settler and filter for clarification of cane juice are selected to avoid loss of sugar due to higher retention time. SS 304 tubes are supplied with most efficient juice heaters, evaporator, and concentrators. Most suitable sizing and number of crystallizers are selected to produce desired and pre-calculated crystals of sugar.

  Evaporator Body                                             Pan

                                                 Juice Heater                                                   Evaporator Body



High pressure steam is generated in a boiler with its fuel as bagasse being a byproduct of cane sugar unit. This high pressure steam is used in a suitable turbo-alternator set to produce power to run the plant.

STRUCTURE & VESSEL 쯦ont>         

Facility of system design in house with modern way of fabrication with most suitable finishing touch. Complete auto-cad drawing for Fabrication and Erection with supply.


Complete in-house facility for civil foundation, buildings and architecture design from the same window of K S Projects.


Manufacture of Sugar and Jaggery has been considered as continuation of agricultural operations of growing sugarcane. Jaggery as a form of sugar forms an important item of the Indian diet and is either consumed directly or as a sweetening agent for sweet preparations. It is preferred over sugar for its unique taste.

It is reported that 100 grams of Jaggery provides 0.4 g Protein, 0.1 g Fat, 80 mg Calcium, 40 mg Phosphorous, 11.4 g Iron, 0.6 g total minerals, 168 microgram Carotene, 0.02 mg Thiamin, 0.056 mg Riboflavin, 0.50 mg Vitamin C and 383 K.cal of Energy.

A nutritional and functional property of Jaggery finds numerous applications in traditional food industry. Though Jaggery provides many nutritional benefits, its consumption in urban area is less due to high quantity of dirt and impurities.

Renovation in the process of Jaggery manufacturing has brought to the level of

            i.            Self sufficiency in energy generation.
ii.           Own power generation.
iii.          Production capacity at will.
iv.          Product quality 沥e of impurities upto one micron.
v.           Human touch free product.
vi.          Moisture in product as per need.
vii.         Sucrose percent as high as in juice.
viii.        Packing of Jaggery as per market demand.
Building quality implies various qualities of the product and at the same time incorporates consumers perceptions also.
The Project demands the installation of following equipments for Jaggery production p;
a.            Juice extraction system 㥴 of two or three mills.
b.            Juice Clarification.
c.            Concentration of juice in double or triple effect Evaporator set.
d.            Final concentration of syrup in a Jaggery concentrator.
            e.         Cooling and Packing.


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